New Boat Dock In Loberg Park

We are impressed with the speed of the construction of the new boat dock pier being built in Loberg Park in Hardy, AR. This new addition to this great park will allow easy access to the Spring River from the park.

It is wonderful seeing how great things can happen when we work together.  We wish to thank Billy Gilbreath, Director Of Public Works and all those involved. The idea had been tried nearly five times over the past many years with no success. When you have a Mayor and City officials that can actually work as a team good things happen.

Posted From Facebook: “We are proud to complete a project that has been talked about for many years. The hardy RV park now has a kayak boat access to spring river. This is a free public access to the water that will allow people to kayak in calm waters and enjoy a good spot to fish. Our next step here is installation of a floating swim dock and benches that should be completed within the month and we anticipate having a few kayaks and Canoes to rent for those without a boat. We hope you are as excited as we are about this!”