Free Smoke Detectors Available

HARDY, AR (KAIT) –While supplies last – for those that qualify!!

The City of Hardy has available a new shipment of smoke detectors for citizens needing one for their home.

Mayor Jason Jackson said they were working on a Fire Wise grant with the U-S Forestry Department when they found out several homes in the area did not have smoke detectors.

“It’s going to be a really good deal,” Mayor Jackson said. “Especially with the age of the houses around here, it’s something that’s really, really needed.”

That’s when they applied for a grant that provided them with about 75 smoke detectors.

The volunteer fire department will begin handing them out next week.

“The firemen will actually go out and look at the house and install them,” Jackson said. “It’s gonna be free of charge. And they’re 10-year smoke detectors so they won’t have to worry about the batteries or do anything at all for the next 10 years.”

Jackson said it will be a great opportunity for the firefighters to meet with community members also.

“Not only to install the smoke detectors but also just get out there and socialize them,” Jackson said.

In addition to the grant for the detectors, the city got a Fire Wise grant for $3,500.

It will help buy equipment for the fire department, including chainsaws to help keep fires from spreading in wooded areas.

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