FOIA Request – Scott Hart 10/9/2017

From: Scott & Chasity Hart
Sent: Monday, October 9, 2017 7:52 PM
Subject: FOIA


This is an official FOIA request for any and all documents that were talked about and/or viewed in the executive session and/or council meeting on October 3, 2017. Including but not limited to the large manila envelope with permanent marker on the outside and housed various documents that were alleged reference to me. As with any FOIA, I would like these documents within 48 hours of receipt of this email. Please let me know where to pick these up if you are unable to email them.


Thank you,


Scott Hart


From: City of Hardy Recorder/Treasurer <>

Subject: RE: FOIA

Date: October 10, 2017 at 5:32:38 PM CDT

To: Scott & Chasity Hart <>


As per your FOIA request please find attached the following:


  1. A copy of my hand written notes from the City Council Meeting of Oct 3, 2017 and a copy of the letter you handed out that evening requesting re-instatement.  I have two sets of audio recordings from the meeting that I can make a copy of for your review.  They total 124 Mbytes in length so they can not be emailed.  The Part A recording is the time prior to the Council going into Executive Session and Part B is when they returned and completed the meeting.  This is unedited audio.  I can prepare a copy on “Memory Stick” for you to pick up at City Hall between 9am and 4PM Oct 11th.   I will need to charge you for a USB Memory Stick if you request a copy.  Let me know if you wish to have the audio files and I will move them to memory stick.  Please note, ss of this date, I have not compiled written minutes of the meeting.
  2. As to the “the large manila envelope with permanent marker on the outside and housed various documents that were alleged reference to me”, this office is not the keeper of that records.  As the executive session is not an open session and all discussion within is subject to strict privacy regulations, we have no records from the session either written or audio.  I suspect the documents you seek are kept by Mayor Jason Jackson.  I have copied Mayor Jackson on this response to assist with your request.


If this office can be of further assistance please let me know.


Greg Bess, Recorder/Treasurer
City of Hardy, Arkansas
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FOIA Scott Hart 10102017